The term PPC is well-known to all the digital marketers, which stands for pay per click; it is a model of internet marketing where advertisers have to pay a fee every time their ads are being clicked. It is more kind of inorganic traffic and a way of buying visits to your website. PPC is the form of the most popular types of search engine advertising. Pay per click is one of the most popular types of search engine advertising allowing the advertiser to bid for placing an ad in the sponsored links of search engines.


This process involves a small fee that search engine charges when the ad is click. The search engine does this, as it places the ad in a way that makes it easy for the visitor to reach it. The fascinating thing is when it hits right, and the fee is negligible as you catch the serious buyer. For instance, if we are paying $5 for a click but it let us earn $500 sale than it really worth it.

Remember earning is not that simple and you have to do efforts to catch the right customer. It all starts with the selection of the right keywords. Including this, once you have selected the keywords now you have to fix them in reputed ad groups and organized campaigns. It helps you set up the landing pages that are optimized for conversions. This job needs to be done with such appropriateness that search engines pay rewards to the best campaigns, by charging them less. It all depends on how much the user likes your ad and the greater profit you are making. The better the ad created the better you may earn and charged low by Google.

Digital advertisers have a bidding platform that is Google AdWords, as mentioned in the PPC model. The users who are interested to bid they select a particular set of keywords and pay the Search Engine for gaining clicks on their ads. Behind all this, the selection and buying process there is an algorithm and analytical technology tool that Google uses.


These three factors are the most important while making a PPC campaign,

  • Keyword relevancy 

Your keywords are the KEY. The proper research you will perform the more accurately you will reach the audience through these keywords used on your best articles. Therefore, to achieve the most benefit of this, it is important to do the best research.

  • The Quality 

Google assesses the relevancy of PPC ads and keywords. It gives the quality score by marking the highest people click on the advertisement. Hence, if you succeeded in acquiring a customer at a low cost this means the cost per conversion and cost per click is higher quality.

  • The Landing page content 

A landing page is the first page of your website that tells about your business, by searching the keywords a user reaches to your page. For this reason, the business should make sure that all the information should be relevant, updated, and appealing that can cater to the user’s attention.

Digital marketing is a vast marketing platform, where users can find various ways they feel easy to market their product. SEO experts in Pakistan are helping people to outsource all the digital marketing services so that they can let them achieve the best. There is a lot that can be researched before going for placing an ad and consulting the right marketers can help you achieve your sales through PPC. Search Engine like Google keeps upgrading its criteria so before placing any ad business must look into it.


Rida Hashmi is a Well-Known digital marketer & a professional SEO Expert from Best SEO, Pakistan. She has been working in this field for many years and her passion for digital marketing has led her to create some best business making website leading online markets through her experience and techniques.

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