Top 5 Types Of Custom Medicine Boxes

Pharmaceuticals are one of the most leading businesses as the need for medicines increases over time. The appropriate packaging solutions are crucial for medicines. The diversity in medicines showed that customization for each medicine packaging is decisive. The rivalry among competitors is high irrespective of the nature of the business. For this, pharmaceutical industries take into consideration all the significant factors to do the best packaging in order to stick out. Although the packaging for each medicine is distinctive. This is our best articles of the week and there are certain features that every medicinal packaging possesses.

  • Preservation: The major purpose of packaging is to protect the products. When it comes to medicine, preservation is the utmost need due to many causes. The packaging containers are designed in a way to make a shield against many contradictions. To provide resistance against sunlight, moisture, and air hazardous, safekeeping of the medicinals are crucial. For the reservation of chemical and biological characteristics of medicines, the quality of the packaging material must be competitive. Environmental extraneous can contaminate the quality of the dosage, so to provide protection, a high sustainable packaging is used for pharmaceuticals.
  • Labeling and Descriptions: The labeling for any product is of significance. The labeling for medicine boxes covers a lot of important aspects.
    • The name of the medicines is the major part of the labeling.
    • A list of the active ingredients used in medicine is also added in every medicinal packaging.
    • The amount of each active constituents, their volume, and the net volume or mass of the medicine are also mentioned.
    • Supplier’s information like company name and address are also added in most of the packaging.
    • Other description sections like precautions, usage, expiry date, how to handle, and how to preserve are also considered crucial for packaging.
  • Double Packaging: All the medicines carry double packaging; inside and outside. The purpose of double packaging is to keep the quality of the medicine free of any contamination. The following are two examples of medicinal packaging.
    • For tablets, the plastic casing is used for individual wrapping of each tablet. The leaves of tablets are covered with a protective sheet of aluminum foil to protect the medicine from any extraneous matter. The foil sheet also contains the basic descriptions of medicines. Then those leaves are assembled in an outside packaging, which is made of cardboard.
    • For liquid drugs and syrups, glass and plastic bottles are used. Then each bottle is preserved in a cardboard box having the details mounted on it.

Types of Medicinal Packaging

Capsules or Blisters

Blisters are considered as multi-dose containers as they contain two sheets. Usually, tablets and capsules are wrapped in this type of packaging. This packaging includes plastic and foil materials. The plastic casing is used to assemble each capsule or blister separately to make medicines free of any extraneous matter. Then the peelable aluminum foil is used to cover the blisters.

Syrup Containers

The liquid drugs and medicines are preserved in bottles made of glass or plastic material. They are highly efficient to keep the quality of medicine. Also, these containers are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and can be recycled. The bottles are then in each cardboard box to provide support, especially during shipment.


Injections contain needles and nozzle-like syringes. The syringes are wrapped in plastic bags separately. The plastic bags keep injections clean for later use.

Individual Casing

Assembling each medicine separately is crucial for medicinal packaging. Whether the packaging is for tablets or syrup bottles, they are separately stored in cardboard boxes to protect them from any damage or loss.


These are the mini glass bottles and have an outer lid. The stopper is used for covering, and the bottles are fully laminated with plastic sheets. The fluid used for injections and drips is usually preserved in these glass containers.

  • The packaging for medicinal drugs has great importance. Good quality packaging material is pivotal to sustain the quality of the medicine. The descriptions and labels are the major part of every medicinal packaging. The medicines have great versatility due to which the packaging styles also vary. Blister packaging is mainly used for tablets and capsules, while glass bottles are used for liquid drugs.
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