Top 5 Best Things About Star Lord

Cinematic history is remade by none other than the leading comic franchise of this decade, Marvel. The comic book adaptations created the Marvel Cinematic Universe – an exciting series and stood alone in movies catering to the unquenchable thirst of comic book fans. It took a long time for this franchise to make a strong impact, but their influence has changed everything.

In the long list of titles, the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies have snagged a solid place. Star-Lord, Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora, with their lively and quirky traits, make the movies a delight to watch. Every character from the film is lovable, but the focus never moves away from the hero wearing Star Lord Jacket, who outdid himself.

Humor like No One Else!

Displaying his extraordinary wits in the movies had made him a favorite for his humor. His characters cover everything a good film needs. Imagine a duology with multiple comic scenes and some severe plot blinking through them – this the complete breakdown of the two GOTG movies. He is known to be a little too much impulsive, but he is just a guy with an exceptional way of looking at things when given a new perspective.

Leave it to Star-Lord to turn any grim conversation a little exciting. With his quick comebacks an impulsive sarcastic remarks, he shows off his brilliant charisma to everyone. Chris Pratt portrays the role of the goofy superhero with a heart bigger than his unusual planet (metaphorically, only!). Chris Pratt knows precisely how to charm his viewers by his casual charism. The way he makes everyone fall heads over heels for a guy initially known as a savage criminal is truly astonishing. Without his quick impulses and a treasure of quips, Peter Quill can never be as exciting as he is right now.

Defensive in the Best Way

The humor he is famous for also brings him in the center of the fire when he fails to channel his impulses wisely. Star Lord parades around in his dapper Star Lord Jacket, winning hearts everywhere while saving those who fail to stand up for themselves. Instead of backing down in the face of an enemy, he stands tall and proud of his people.

He is always where the other Guardians need him to be. Ever vigilant and alert, Peter Quill never disappoints in the front line. Bullies reside in the insufferable category for him, even if that bully is someone close to him. Take an example of how Rocket Raccoon behaves like a bully and tries messing up things, but Peter does not let him get his way for long.

Star Lord, with his allies, form an insurmountable defense. One of the best things about him is his undying courage and bravery. Even when he comes face to face with the truth of his childhood, he fights his treacherous father till the end.

Dance? Yes, This Savior Dances!

Would you ever suggest a dance-off while facing your worst nightmare? No? Maybe Star-Lord is a half-human because he did not even hesitate before putting that suggestion out. As much as it was fun to watch him, viewers could not breathe easily throughout the whole dance-off. He may not be able to snag the title of the Galaxy’s best dancer, but his motives behind his actions give them a new meaning.

The tone for the entire franchise got a makeover once GOTG’s first installment came out. Goofy, hilarious, and funny were not the adjectives used for these hardcore action-adventure MCU movies. But after Peter Quill’s extraordinary performance, no one could resist using light words for his mind-blowing efforts.

Waltzing in a barren alien world should look bizarre, but with Star Lord Jacket, it seems possible and lively! He has a complicated past yet possesses a relatively simple personality, making him the ultimate favorite among fans!

All Eyes For Gamora 

A man like Peter Quill is known for his impulses but not for his love of life, Gamora. He has lovesick puppy eyes for her, which makes every hopeless romantic root for them. He was denied human love from the very beginning when his father created an evil plot and snatched his mother away. From there onwards, he spent his life fighting and learning with aliens.

At first, Gamora and Peter Quill set an exciting story of enemies to turn to significant others. They worked together on several occasions, and Peter Quill was hardly ever seen alone in a scene. His protective instincts regarding Gamora have no bounds knowing full well that she can fight way better than him.

The commitment he had towards her tested everything he had when Gamora asked him to kill her if Thanos ever got to her. He truly values her, which only shows that he has a gem of a heart made to cherish other people!

Style Icon For Everyone!

Peter Quill’s style speaks volumes for his personality. Rugged from the edges, he is all goofy and empathetic. He carries Star Lord Jacket that has become popular among his fans for their flexible nature. His unique way of styling tells everyone that he does have a spectacular taste in pairing outfits.

None of his looks feel like overkill, a scarce characteristic for half-human and half celestial. Instead of only repeating one costume, he wears variations of his style. The constant feature is the practical aspect of all his jackets. Many things can come under this list, but his style is one of the essential ones.

Without his signature tough-as-nails look, he might have looked a bit timid because of his soft heart. He is not a compliant man but knows when he has to stay quiet and when he is needed to fight. By all means, he is creating a legacy that will speak for him even years later!

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