The Journey of Captain America from Brooklyn to Wakanda!

Captain America – the powerful superhero from the Marvel World with a beautiful face. Every person belonging to any race, gender, and even to the rival superhero universe, loves Steve Rogers. The brave soldier who always stays ready to stop the evil and keep his people and motherland safe, acted the same after gaining superpowers.

Captain has come a long way, from being born in Brooklyn as an ordinary child filled with a lot of patriotism to becoming the supreme leader of the superhero team ‘Avengers.’ Gear up in the Captain America Jackets which you have stored in the closet after the last costume party to prepare yourself for a long-long journey ahead.

The Patriotic Skinny Boy:

Steve Rogers was introduced as a young boy from the ’40s era in the movie ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’ His heart was filled with kindness and love for his country, and that’s the reason why he was so desperate to join the U.S. Army. He lost his father in the First World War, and he carried this inherited patriotism along with him.

Even before becoming the savior of the world, he was a caring man who could do anything for his closed ones. After getting rejected from the army recruitment for the Second World War, his patriotism led him to the ‘Super Soldier’ experiment suggested by Sergeant Barnes. He just wanted to do something for his country and people one way or the other.

The Transformation Into The Savior Of The Planet:

After the experiment, a completely transformed Steve Rogers was seen. Stronger, Healthier, and yes – more handsome! His passion for embracing God’s goodness in his heart and helping others got heard by God when he got selected to try the serum. The serum changed his life into a super-soldier and blessed the audience’s eyes as well!

At first, he didn’t get used to his superpowers. But as soon as he learned that Bucky is lost while being in Italy, he couldn’t resist using his powers to get the hint of Bucky and the rest of the missing soldiers. We all were waiting for this moment! In this course, he even defeated the Red Skull, whose interests were inclined towards Hydra – the Nazi division.

A Lost Man:

The biggest role was played by the time-traveling that Steve became a victim of as the ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ concludes. He sacrificed his life by crashing the jet into the ice to save the people. When he woke up, a whole new world was waiting for him. He found himself in a world 70 years later, i.e., the current era of the ’20s!

He was struggling to fit in this modern world. His closed ones were all dead or gotten old, leaving Steve all alone in a strange world.

As A Part Of Avengers:

While trying hard to be a part of this new world, Steve got recruited by Nick Fury to be a part of the Avengers. The whole team didn’t go well initially, but after some time, the team became the most invincible one. Steve can now fight the bullies and protect the universe – and that’s what persuaded him to stay stuck to his new identity.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he was employed by SHIELD. In this journey, he somehow forgot the sorrow of his loss when he found Sam Wilson, whom he can easily trust. But after coming to know about the truth behind SHIELD being linked with Hydra, he lost faith in government, which later played a major role in his thinking.


Captain America became a nomad and took shelter in Wakanda after the release of the Civil War. He was titled as a war-escapee. We didn’t see much of his nomad life period in the movies, but it was a long one. The captain is determined while doing everything, after all. He got separated from the superhero life for a while, which you will know in more detail from the comics.

The Leader:

Steve stays a fugitive in Infinity War as well. But things took a turn when Tony Stark becomes unavailable, and Thanos becomes a danger. Steve decided to step up and be the leader. Although he didn’t call himself a superhero again, he sure successfully gathered the Avengers to fight in Wakanda. The perfect definition of the word ‘leader.’

At the end of the Endgame, he went back to the ’40s to put the Infinity Stones back to their origin and decided to stay with his love – Peggy – for the rest of his life. He gave a lot of adventures to be stay entertained with! Well, have a good life, Cap, everybody misses you!

The Captain America themed jackets have been the hottest Halloween Jackets for quite a time now, and let’s hope that it stays the same way. So, which superhero are you going to imitate at the upcoming costume party?

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