Netflix, Inc. is an American Internet streaming-on-demand global media provider that provides a platform for a number of original programs, including series, specials (stand-up comedy specials), documentaries and films, and miniseries.

Netflix Manufacture Firm head office in Los Gatos, California, originated in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. In 2013, Netflix’s first original content series House of Cards was released. The company has increased its original content now. As starting 2020, Over 182 million paid subscriptions worldwide, including 69 million in the United States. Now here is the Top 10 Best Netflix Series available the best platform Articles Studio with creative content.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American neo-Western, crime, thriller drama consisting of 5 seasons for a total of 62 episodes, written by WellardRockard, jackenyon. The series starting with Walter H. White (Bryan Cranston), who is a mastermind chemistry instructor in New Mexico school. His paralyzed child and pregnant wife is an entire world for him. Walter diagnosed with terminal lung cancer stage III. His life changes drastically due to disease. He consumes his chemistry experience to develop and sell the world’s best crystal methamphetamine with one of his previous students Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to protect his family’s financial future before he passes away. But it appeals to the consideration of his brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris) who works for the DEA Police.

Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest TV series and an addicting show. It had normal viewership in its first to three seasons, but a significant rise in the fourth and fifth seasons when it was made available on Netflix just before the fourth season premiere. It became among the most-watched cable shows on American television when the time that the series finale aired. The show received many awards. Breaking Bad was entered in the Guinness World Records as the most judgmentally acclaimed show of all time, in 2013. It has been renewed for a final sixth season. Finally, in theaters on October 11, 2019, the film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was released on Netflix.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things, an American fantasy and science fiction based drama series comprising of 04 seasons alongside supernatural fundamentals depicted with horror was produced by the Duffer Brothers and launched on Netflix. It started when the mysterious and sudden disappearance of a young boy (Will Byers) has happened in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. As his friends (Mike, Dustin, and Lucas), his mother (Joyce), his brother (Jonathan), and the police chief (Jim Hopper) is on search. But few of them begin to understand paranormal and supernatural mysteries including secret government experiments that involve human test subjects. More creepy things come about when a girl with psychokinetic capabilities steps in the drama. The Duffer Brothers acquired enthused by Cold War’s odd experimentations and some actual world collusion philosophies involving top-secret government experimentations.

Stranger Things has popular viewers on Netflix and has a wide, dynamic, and international fan base. It is measured as one of the most exciting and obsessive drama series to be on television. The drama has created life-threatening acknowledgments for its explanation, pacing, environment, sound effects, guided writing, and auxiliary. The series has received numerous awards and nominations. Last year, the drama was renewed for a fourth season and suspected to end after its fourth or fifth season.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a British period crime drama series consisting of 05 series was set in 1920s Birmingham, England. The series was produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions and created by Steven Knight, Screen Yorkshire, and Tiger Aspect Productions. Established on the result of World War I, Shelby and the Peaky Blinders, a bunch of criminals, want to resistor the city of Birmingham But as Shelby’s wishes beyond Birmingham. The Shelby family is building a name for themselves as gangsters. This with the help of his family and his gang, the Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinder’s structures group of actors are Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby), Helen McCrory (Elizabeth “Polly” Gray), Joe Cole (John Shelby), and Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby), the gang’s high-ranking members. The photography is finest and the scenario is best. The only thing is that the accents are not too strong as it will be airing in the US. On 12 September 2013, the series premiered. In 2018, after the show wins at the BAFTA TV Awards, the drama will complete its seven seasons and a movie.

The Witcher

The Witcher is a Polish-American action, adventure & fantasy drama series that was created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It is based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher follows the legend of Geralt of Rivia(Henry Cavill) and princess Ciri(Freya Allan), who are linked by destiny to each other. Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra), a sorceress, is a determined mage who came from none and wants everything. Initially, shows the three main are the main character at different points of time, exploring formative events that formed their characters properly before eventually mixed into a single timeline. Netflix released the first season consisting of eight episodes in 2019.


Narcos is an American autobiography criminality drama television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Narcos filmed in Colombia consisting of 3 seasons. This is a very classy production. The story is based on drug kingpin Pablo Escobar(Wagner Moura) and Steve Murphy (Holbrook), the US Drug Enforcement Administration DEA’s sent to Colombia to end the plagued of country. The corrupt corporation provides lots of cash but it couldn’t change destiny. It closely feels like in the Colombian forest and the hot moist air traces through the screen.

Games Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy, action drama TV series produced by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It consists of 73 episodes in eight seasons aired on HBO Channel. It is a version of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, a series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, the primary of which is A Game of Thrones. Indeed it was a great viewing experience. Starting in the imaginary continent of Westeros and Essos, several powerful families fight for power over the Seven Kingdoms. Rapidly after the King’s Hand, Jon Arryn (Sir John Standing), is passed away. Every family wants to claim the throne or fighting for independence from it.

The series fascinated a record viewership on HBO. It has a large, active, and international interest. The series was publicly praised by critics for its many things mainly acting, multifaceted characters, epic story, different scope, and production values, although its recurrent use of nudity and violence was questioned; the final season received further criticism for its compound story and artistic decisions, with many considering it an inadequate conclusion.

The 100

The 100 is an American science fiction post-apocalyptic drama series that aired on March 19, 2014, on The CW. The series is created by Jason Rothenberg. The series is starting from a spaceship called “The Ark” having a human housing colony. After 97 years of nuclear war which destroyed earth. But soon realize that their resources are scarce so they decided to send back to earth the 100 juvenile prisoners. On earth, they discover the humans and try to acclimate there. In August 2019, the announcement is that the series would conclude with the seventh season.

Money Heist

Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel) is a Spanish action, mystery, and crime drama TV series created by Álex Pina. The series consists of two long pre-planned unusual robberies headed by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain (season 1&2), and one on the Bank of Spain (season 3 & 4). They rob 2.3 billion euros from the Great Royal Mint of Spain. It captured in Madrid, Spain. By 2018, the drama series was well-known and most-viewed on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is an American mystery teen web drama series based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, originally developed for Netflix as created by Brian Yorkey. In this series, a high school student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), committed suicide two weeks earlier. Seventeen-year-old Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) when he returns home from school, he finds a box with his name on it lying on his house. Inside the box, he discovers some cassette tapes recorded by Hannah before suicide. In which, Hannah discloses the 13 reasons why she took her own life.

The first season wonderful, second was good but the third is unpleasant. The drama series is produced by July Moon Manufactures, Kicked to the Curb Manufactures, Anonymous Content. One cannot rewind the past. One cannot stop the future. The only thing to learn in life is to live in the present.


Elite is a Spanish crime thriller teen web drama series produced by Carlos Montero and DaríoMadrona for Netflix. Where the Elite conveys their teenagers to education, Las Encinas is one of the most special schools in the country. A disaster took place in their school so three students Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Nadia (Mina El Hammani), and Christian (Miguel Herrán) got a scholarship from there. However, their entrance in Las Encinas will not be easy, the confront between those upper class and themselves creates a perfect storm that ends in a murder event.

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