Linksys AC1200 MAX Wi-Fi Range Extender re6500 Setup

The Linksys re6500 is a wifi range extender that will help you to easily use the wifi network even in the dead zones of the house, useful information about Linksys AC1200 MAX Wi-Fi Range Extender re6500 Setup available at Articles Studio. After setting up, it receives the network signal from which you are sharing wifi and then extends it to the other parts of the house, say dead zones. The Linksys re6500 extender provides various features to make wifi surfing a desire. The re6500 extender provides internet speed up to N300+AC867 MBPS so that you never face speed problems sitting anywhere in the house. With the extended range of the wifi up to 10000 sq.ft. helps you to enjoy seamless network speed. It increases the constant use of both the bands so that you can get a high-speed network for gaming or streaming. With the audio connectivity service, you can easily connect your audio speaker or stereo to stream your music using a computer or device. The all-new spot finder technology ensures tbs users to remove all the dead zones. The spot finder helps to set up Linksys re6500 range extender to a better place means from where you can easily use the data even in the far zones of the house.

Setting up the re6500 range extender using ethernet

You can easily set up the re6500 range extender with wire or ethernet cable. To do so, follow the given steps:

Note: If you have any other extender or network connected to your wifi network, disconnect it.

  • Connect the antenna with the power cable in such a way that the antenna should be upright.
  • Connect the wifi range extended in the middle of your router and the dead zone area.
  • Check if a minimum 50% of the wifi network signal is at the place where you are connecting the range extender.
  • Wait for about 2-3 minutes, then a strong light will show up on the cover of the range extender.
  • Select ‘Linksys Extended setup’ in the wifi connecting option to connect the device.
Setting up re6500 ac1200 wifi extender wirelessly via a browser

Configuring the linksys re6500 range extender setup wirelessly is a very simple process. The extender allows you to connect wirelessly using the wifi protected setup button. Using the wifi protected setup button On the extender, press the wifi protected setup button(if available)

On the router’s screen, press and hold the wifi protected setup button until it shows up solid light on the extender. 

AC1200 Max Wi-Fi Repeater Light Status

The re6500 range extender light status increasing the user’s convenience. The range extender also supports different light status that indicates different positions of the extender.

Light – Indicates White

i) when blinking, it indicates that the extender is power on, resetting to factory defaults, or updating the firmware.

ii)when solid or constant, it indicates that the extender is in perfect condition to use.

Amber – when blinking for about two minutes, it indicates that the extender is facing any problem.

How to Modernize the firmware of Linksys re6500 Max?

Updating the firmware enables fast-paced and better performance of the re6500 range extender. You can update the firmware using a browser on your computer or mobile device.

  • Open a browser in your computer or mobile device
  • Log into the Linksys extender setup page
  • The setup page will ask you for a password.
  • Enter the password and click on Login.

Note: The default password of Linksys range extender is ‘admin’.(If you have changed it then enter the new password)

  • Click on Firmware update on the administration page.
How to consumption wireless music playback on Linksys re6500 repeater?

The all-new and advanced range-extender provides you a feature using which you can easily stream music on your network.

Follow the steps written below to stream music wirelessly using the re6500 range extender.

  • Take a 3.5mm stereo plug and connect it to the extender.
  • Select a smart device with which you want to stream the music.
  • Connect the smart device to the wireless network.
  • Launch the smart device music application.
  • Select the Group play option and stream your music.

To select the Group option, open the music app and click on the upper left corner of the application. You will see the name ‘Linksys range extender’. Select the option and the music will start to stream on the extender’s connected speakers or stereos.

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