Importance Of Strength And Balance Exercises For Seniors

It is rightly said that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Moving your body and muscles are a must to stay physically fit. We neglect the importance of workout and physical execution in our teenage and youth because we think it doesn’t matter at all. When we don’t develop a regular exercise habit, we have to pay the cost when we reach our 50’s and 60’s. Our muscles start becoming stiff, we start losing our strength and balance, and our body stabilizes. All these problems lead to a high risk of falls and injury. This article is available at the best platform Articles Studio and here we describe the importance of strength and balance exercises for seniors.

It is essential to indulge in a senior workout routine to maintain good physical health and live a stress-free life. It doesn’t matter if you have ignored your physical health your entire life. It is never too late to start. Even if you are an adult, you should start focusing on fitness seniors and begin with low-intensity workouts. You can join classes or give a senior fitness test to know where your health starts and join a training program that best suits you.

For a senior workout routine, begin with exercises for strength and balance, because as adults, everyone is at the highest risk of slipping and falling. If you slip or fall at that age, your injuries will be more severe, and you’ll take longer to heal. There are different exercises you should focus on for balance like ankle and neck exercises. Your entire workout should revolve around improving your balance and stabilizing your body. Also, along with the exercise, you should eat healthily and take out some time to enjoy nature. Fitness seniors will enable you to lead a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. So, do yourself a favor, make a senior workout routine for yourself, and follow it religiously.

Strength and Balance Exercises Seniors:

There are various strength and balance exercises that are proven beneficial for fitness seniors. You can start with any exercise, but it is best, to begin with, low-intensity workouts and do them for a short time. Once you gain some strength and build up stamina, move on to moderate and then high-intensity workouts and gradually increase the time.

Some of the best strength and balance exercise for fitness seniors are as follows:

Single Limb Stance: It is one of the easiest exercises to start with for fitness seniors. Grab a chair first, but make sure it doesn’t have heels, and the floor is non-slippery. Stand behind it and lift your right foot. Do it for as long as possible. Change your foot then, and repeat the process. The chair should only be for support, do not hold onto it throughout the exercise. Your ultimate goal should be to lift your feet and balance your body on one foot without any support. This exercise will help you improve your balance, and you will see evident results in 2-4 weeks.

Walking heel to Toe: Here is another great exercise that will strengthen your leg and ankle muscles and improve your balancing ability. To do this exercise, you will have to put your entire weight on your toes and walk for 25-25 minutes. It is like walking in heels; if you are confident in yourself, you can wear heels and walk. After that, put your weight on heels and try to walk.

Back/Side Leg Raise: Your lower back and leg muscles are most crucial for stabilizing your body and improving balance. To start with back leg raise, bring a chair for support and stand behind it. Slowly raise your one leg but don’t bend your knees. You can raise your leg in a backward direction, in the right, and to the left. Switch your legs and repeat for 15 seconds. Once you gain a balance, practice doing leg raises without the support of a chair.

Wall Pushups: Push-Ups are ideal for balancing strengthening arm and chest muscles. But they are risky for adults, and instead of fitness seniors, they can cause complications. So, it is best to do pushups against a wall. Stand in front of a wall, with your palms flat, lean forward, plant your feet, and put your weight on the wall in a position that your palms are at the same height as your shoulder. Start with ten pushups and increase one or two each day.

Other than these, some other exercises are calf stretches, shoulder rolls, hand and finger exercises, and toe lifts, etc.

Benefits of Strength and Balance Exercises for Seniors

Strength and balance exercises have plenty of benefits for senior fitness. They are beneficial for strengthening muscles and gaining balance but have a lot of health benefits. They help in boosting mood etc. as well.

Some of the most noticeable benefits of strength and balance exercises are as follows.

Stronger bones: These exercises help in increasing bone density. Whenever a person has high bone density, the body balance automatically increases, and the chances of falling and slipping decrease by at least 70%.  One must add balance exercises to the senior workout routine.

Joint Flexibility: Diseases like arthritis and joint pains, etc., are very common in senior citizens. These medical conditions can hinder a person’s normal activity, which means they can no longer walk pain-free. So, it is best to add strength and balance exercises to your workout routine. They increase joint flexibility and reduce the risk of bone and joint diseases.

Weight control: As we age, our diet remains the same but physical activity reduces, which is a significant reason we gain weight. Fitness for seniors is a must, and to stay fit, one must control the weight. It is best, to begin with, strength and balance exercises as they are the fastest way to burn calories and lose lower abdominal fat.

Health benefits: These exercises are also beneficial for improving health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and high/low sugar levels. When a person is active, the blood pumps properly, and all organs work well, minimizing the risk of any unforeseen diseases. They also help in boosting immunity.

Along with these benefits, some other advantages of health and balance exercises are that the lower injury risks elevate body images, control body mass, boost mood, improve sleep, and increase lifespan.

To enjoy good mental and physical health, stick to a senior workout routine, enjoy great health, and live a healthy, wealthy life.

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