How to Write and Structure a Good Dissertation?

A dissertation is a structured piece of writing or simply a more structured and detailed essay because it is longer than essays you are used to writing. A dissertation will provide a logical explanation for your thesis. You will have to do independent research which will help you provide valid and more precisely detailed pieces of writing. Nowadays, you can think about how to study during quarantine then consider online academic platforms.

A dissertation can be divided on the fact that if your research is primary or secondary. Firstly, you need to determine the nature of your research. A dissertation must include a thorough introduction, detailed methodology, results obtained, research discussions, and conclusions. A dissertation will help you prove your research or findings and it should persuade the readers regarding your research. But how can we structure an exemplary dissertation? Of course, it’s not easy but it is also not impossible and by following these guidelines you’ll be able to write an impressive dissertation.

Here is a guide created by Dissertation Help in Dubai, to help you with writing an exemplary dissertation.

Choose a Topic

First things first, you need a topic. Have an original thought and don’t be dependent on sourced material. While it seems quite easy but it can be quite challenging because it is the most important piece you might be writing in your academics. Your dissertation should be a detailed explanation of your research which will allow you to add knowledge in the material already available relating to your topic. So, you should try and choose a topic (if you are not already given one) that is not covered yet or which you are passionate about, this will help you broaden your knowledge as well. It is best to start early, choose your topic, and start your research as soon as possible so that you can have enough time to process all this information and put it in words. Before you start writing the dissertation, you will need to get your topic approved and it will be easier if you are passionate about your topic.

Plan it Out

You should know your objective and then do thorough research about the topic. After you have found an interesting topic, the next step is to research thoroughly. Make an outline or a plan of what you want to achieve with this research and how you will approach it. Also, you can research more thoroughly and deeply if you are interested in your own topic and you have unanswered questions. When you start asking these questions you’ll find more information suitable for your research and it will help you write better.

Form a Structure

Even if you have great ideas and have all the information you need for a good dissertation, you will still need a planned structure. You need to consistently work on your structure because without the structure it would not be interesting enough for your readers to read or understand. Any unstructured topic or essay is weak hence you need to thoroughly write it and keep it structured also, keep yourself updated will all of the facts related to your topic. While writing if you are unsure of the structure you can always ask your supervisor. The ideal structure for most dissertations is right below.

Dissertation Structure

  • Title Page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Lists of tables and figures
  • List of abbreviation (If needed)
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list
  • Appendices

Include Literature Review

To support your thesis statement you will need to list your sources and make sure they are all credible. Mention all the research material you used or got inspired from. A literature review helps you in making your dissertation more credible because you are presenting all the available findings of your topic and you can later use these to explain your results and explain any differences or similarities.

Be Clear and Concise

While writing such a massive piece it will be difficult and also you will be more prone to make your writing boring and lose its actual meaning. For that, you need to make sure that everything you write is clear and the reader can understand it so they won’t lose interest. Remember the purpose of your dissertation is to explain why your research is important and not being clear in writing will create doubts in the reader’s mind which is not what we want. You will need to keep the whole dissertation as clear and concise as possible to keep it interesting and engaging.

Proofread and Edit

The very last thing to do is to proofread your dissertation and make sure there are no errors. You need to format the essay. Most students procrastinate and they don’t put enough work in the format and removing errors as they put in writing it but it can be quite dangerous because your mistakes are going to distract the reader and all the hard work you put in will go down the drain, hence you need to carefully format it and eradicate the errors. Proofreading will also help you in case you want to add or change anything.


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