How To Protect Yourself From Corona


Now the climate is changing as it never happens before. It seems like the arms of the clock are going back where they started. The world is not afraid of war but a tiny creature that the heavenly power created it and ordered it to go and rock the world. It is Corona, a microscopic virus that affects life spreading through droplets of infected persons targeting mainly the respiratory tract. But fatal only on the person whose immunity is low. “Whosoever saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind” narrated from the Quran.  A serious message from a Holy Book for this pandemic disease. Looks like a tug of war between viruses with a whole world. Our qualified writers provide the best articles of all time from Articles Studio and describe the useful and beneficial tips about how to protect yourself from the corona.


Here we are going to tell you in some detail. Things we should properly apply in our domestic life. We have to do care in regular routine as casual work. Not for corona but all harmful organisms, we need to be alert stop following myths and start working on practical solutions. We have to educate our generation that war doesn’t always with the weapons and not all heroes wear caps some wear lab coats… Here are some rules you have to follow in daily manners:

Wash your Hands:

Wash your hand always with antibacterial soap or sanitize with alcohol-based hand rub. Handwashing has 6 steps. Wet your hands with plenty of water, take soap, and lather it than follow steps till 20 seconds and finally wash with water. Hands are a carrier for diseases and infection and play an important role in spreading them. Try to avoid touching eyes and nose without proper cleaning them because the virus can enter and infect you. Not to sneeze or cough on your hands, take a tissue, or use your elbow.

Wash handy:

You have to or should become used to wash your handy things like cell phones, tabs, keys, etc. With 70% isopropyl alcohol only to sanitize it or simply disinfect it. Even recommendation from Apple for using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, wiping gently but “Don’t use bleach”. Don’t take tension what people think just follow for your health. Even God has a plan but why we don’t have.

Shaking hands:

Rather than shaking hands, wave, or give an elbow bump. The best way to prevent this is to avoid exposure to this virus. It now becomes a fashion to smile bow and put your hand on your heart, looking heroic. We have to make a habit not to shake hands even with your loved ones. It takes time but nothing is hard if we try.

Left-hand technique:

It is difficult but not impossible to try to use your left hand for opening doors, using things give and take and pick any things. In this way, we can break the chain of virus spreading. Also using one time, disposable, or disinfectable material for causal works.

Social distance:

Another new life hack that how we create distance. Once I read on a billboard “distance doesn’t matter” but now it matters. In Pakistan, many transporters write some words or slogans on their vehicle like “kareeb mat ana, Warna Pyar hojaega” means don’t come close, otherwise there will be love. Here the situation is changed if we come close there will be a virus. Avoid gathering and crowded areas nowadays as it may become a source of spreading infection.

Norms and Facts:

Now the proverb Health is wealth” is truly fitted on this situation. Firstly don’t afraid, take it normal else you become a psycho patient. Sadly, we omit such things which give us protection and we complain about what is going on. We unfollow the healthy lifestyle and waste millions of dollars on global health issues. Today, our society and culture have to play their role to eradicate this hazardous condition. Start making little changes from our homes and we will see the big changes. It is necessary to accomplish this task and creating a difference.

From COVID-19, People at high risk of developing serious complications include pregnant women, older adults, people with HIV and asthma, and people with underlying diseases, including lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, and immunosuppressive diseases. So, apply extra care for them to save any bad condition.

There are some tests available now and some being in research for the future: a saliva test, the nose swab, antibody testing, and DNA to diagnose in about 40 minutes, rather than hours.

Rocket sciences:

Yes, it is not rocket science or a mathematical question that requires a qualified person. It is simple to understand the slogan “stay home stay safe”. All you can do is just follow safety precautions and get a healthy life. Save others and others will save you. And be aware of laws and conditions of your living territory else the law authorities can give you a medal or reward somewhere on your body.

It’s not sexy, but it works:

Ok let’s count on fingertips:

  • Wash your hands properly or sanitize with alcohol-based hand rub
  • Disinfect your hand using things
  • Using alternatives to break the chain
  • Making social distance

In the end:

This is not full of research or calculated values article, it’s only a hope for everyone that now everywhere there is a dark,  despair, fear, and sad. As I read somewhere a quote of a doctor “This is a time to focus on all the healthy habits you may have been putting off. Start daily activities and food choices that support your health and turn them into habits that will lead to lifelong improvements in health. During this time, get adequate sleep and some fresh air and sunlight daily.”

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