Are High DA Blog Commenting Sites Helpful For SEO?

Out of your entire marketing strategy, blog Commenting is the most beneficial, given that you know how to do it effectively. It is said that blog commenting sites are gold mines, and they help a lot in terms of increasing a blog’s traffic and visibility.

In this scholarly article, you will know everything about blog commenting, its assistance in SEO, and how it will help you level up your marketing game.

Defining Blog Commenting

We all know what commenting means and how it helps. Blog commenting is just the same as it helps to maintain an effective relationship between readers and bloggers. Here is how it works:

  • You read a blog.
  • Get benefit from the information mentioned in the blog.
  • Leave feedback in which you appreciate the writer and mention a blog explaining how it has helped you with certain things along with some parts that you are willing to add in a similar context.

This helps you to communicate your ideas and put your thoughts out regarding the topic. Let the people know what you think about it. It means that blog commenting is a healthy way to initiate thoughtful discussions.

Simply to say, blog commenting proves to be a fun way to make blogs fun to read and interactive. It allows a writer to gain several benefits as their blog gets many comments where people discuss it. Moreover, comments on blogs make it social as a large number of people share it and talk about it. However, most people ask if it is as valuable to the commenters and for the blog’s writer?

Of course, it is!

Benefits of Blog Commenting For SEO

If you do it the right way, blog commenting can be a great way to assist in optimizing a blog or a website according to the search engine’s guidelines. Here are some ways it can help:

Better Visibility

If a blog has a high number of comments, its visibility increases more than usual. Let’s understand how. Many people read a blog and make it to the comments section. Once they see your comment and find it intriguing, they will surely find some time to visit your blog or website. Therefore, it is essential to add your name in front of more people related to your industry.

Maintains Credibility

In order to maintain credibility on blog commenting sites, it is a must to add value via comments. Commenting regularly and adding more thoughts to the post will allow people to recognize you as someone who has more knowledge about the topic and overall subject. You need yo present yourself as an expert on the subject. If you do that, more people will consider your comments and discover your brand.

Strong Business Relationship

People commenting on blog commenting websites can establish business relationships in no time. It helps them to create a large number of business opportunities. Let’s learn how:

If you are commenting on a blog regularly, you will be able to grab the attention of other readers and commenters in a short time. People will start noticing you. You will appear as a credible source or someone they must establish a business relationship with.

Once you establish a relationship, you can let them know about your brand, services, or products. This can help you to turn your connections into business leads. Moreover, if the author of the blog or owner of the website takes an interest in your feedback, they might give you a chance for guest blogging on the website. Sounds interesting, right?

Increased Traffic

Commenting on high DA websites can help you to drive more traffic to your website. When more people read your comments, you will get more recognition, and if you are consistent with blog commenting, you will have higher chances to get attention and expose yourself as an expert. Once people notice you, they will be willing to know more about you. Of course, the first thing they do is visiting your website. Hence, your website/blog’s traffic will increase.

Comment Backlinks

When search engines do not give you enough recognition and authority, it becomes more difficult for website owners to drive traffic to their sites. However, being active on blog commenting sites offer you a chance to create backlinks for your site—this way. Your website will not only gain authority but also gain more traffic. Bear in mind that quality matters more than quantity. So make sure your comments add value to the blog.

Blog commenting is a fun way to build your online presence and drive more traffic to your website. However, it is a process, not an event. That is why you must be patient. Most of the time, people will like you for your thoughts and informative content, but they won’t visit your website immediately. So, you just have to keep going and do the thing. Consistency is the key. The same is the case with blog commenting. You need to give people time to trust you and recognize you before becoming your subscribers or building a relationship with you.

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