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Getting ready for the IELTS examination is considered to be daunting often, but it wouldn’t have to be. As much as you have endurance, ability to learn, and dedication, you’re going to do fine. In this scholarly article, the one thing you’re going to need to succeed — learning materials! These books will help you better understand what’s going to be on the test and how to get a good score

It’s quick to get distracted by so many book choices on our own, and that is why I wanted to bring together a compilation of the best books for IELTS preparation. Although the list is not in any special order, one might be better suited to you than others.

Barron’s Superpack IELTS

Barron’s Superpack blends all the needed IELTS Barron materials into one, the name Superpack! The version is equipped with the Barron IELTS manual and the MP3 Disc, and two audio CDs are included for the practice tests. It’s not ending there.  You can also improve your writing & reading skills, but with the Barron’s Superpack, you also get more fluent with American English, which can aid you with your listening and speaking abilities.

Why do I like it

  • It comes with two practice tests and two audio CDs.
  • The Essential Words included are perfect for reflecting on your IELTS practice.
  • It contains a lot of details and is a fantastic value for the money
  • This is very detailed

What should have been better

  • It is not built for total beginners.
  • The amount of material included gives it a decent best value, but it is also costly.

CAMBRIDGE IELTS 13 Academic Student Book with Answers

This study material is the new release of the Cambridge IELTS Academic book series, delivers genuine exam papers directly from Cambridge Assessment English. The benefit of that? Yeah, they’re almost like a real test. It comprises four full exams for candidates. In contrast, an overview of all components and the overall score framework, as well as a detailed portion of responses. Similar to virtually every practice book, students have access to free audio for listening materials.

Why do I like it

  • Great strategies that are broken by section
  • It’s useful to clarify the various kinds of questions that help you plan well.
  • It goes through a lot of info.

What should have been better

  • Not suitable for full beginners.
  • The detail is not beautifully thought out.

Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

Good for those who like to get a good score in their IELTS examination.

Simple-to-understand and straightforward advice and techniques that are easy to put into effect, this is a book published by somebody who took the IELTS examination on their own. It offers you answers to the challenges you could face, plenty of ideas, and positive feedback from the learners who used this book to study their own IELTS.

Why do I like it:

  • It provides a lot of insights about policy.
  • Sample questions with annotations and definitions.
  • There are six complete tests listed.
  • It’s very simple to use.

What should have been better?

  • It does not really cover something new, except because it focuses on examination strategies.
  • You’ll need to pair that with another reference to get the best out of your IELTS preparation.

IELTS Official Cambridge Guide

Compared to many other IELTS preparation books, this one is designed for both academic and general training. The IELTS Official Cambridge Guide provides guidelines and recommendations based on the knowledge of former test takers, along with simple descriptions of how to reach high scores. Train with 8 official practice assessments and a step-by-step plan for each part of the exam. Finally, you can now receive audio and video files for both workouts listening, and practice assessments.

Why do I like it:

  • It is focused on knowledge obtained from people who took the IELTS exam themselves.
  • Help you study for all components of the IELTS test.
  • Including all 8 of the full-length practice assessments, comprehensive answers are given.
  • This contains a DVD which includes listening and speech exercises.

What should have been better:

  • It’s easier to get to know the format and layout of the test than to learn new things.

IELTS Practice Tests + 2 Keys and CD Pack

A perfect training book that includes all four tests and the techniques you need to score high.

Best suited for General Training Tests including those preparing for their IELTS Academic, this is a fantastic guide for exam prep, especially as it goes into an overview of what constitutes a correct and wrong answer. It’s got helpful ideas, and the audio transcripts will also help you progress.

Why do I like it:

  • It provides a lot of information about preparations for the exams
  • Sample of replies with annotations and definitions
  • There are six complete tests included
  • It’s very easy to use

What should have been better?

  • It doesn’t cover something new, except because it focuses on the exam preparation technique
  • You’ll need to pair that with another test material to get the best out of your IELTS preparation.
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