Andrew Garfield vs Tom Holland: Who Did It Better?

Who is the best Spiderman of them all? All the Spidey lovers – do you ask this question often? This gives all of us major anxiety attacks. The web-slinger we love is played by many actors until now in which we are just going to stick with the 33-year-old Andrew and adorable 21-year-old Tom Holland.

Let’s gear up in the Spiderman Jacket that has been resting in your closet since the last Halloween. Stay prepared for the thrills coming from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, right at you. Here is a little teeny tiny comparison of two very handsome Spiderman-s who you adore, but yeah – competition is always interesting!

Spidey x High School:

If you are going to play the character of a young teenager, then youthful energy is a must-have. Yeah, you can be a 20 or 25-year-old to portray the character of a 15-year-old but a 30? When Andrew was assigned this role, he was around the age of 30 at that time! Although he looks much younger than that but still doesn’t seem to appear like a high schooler, he looked kind of a misfit.

It might sound rude, but he looked like an adult dressed up in a teenage boy’s outfits while graduating. Feels weird, looks odd. But can’t ignore the fact that Emma Stone seemed quite suitable for her role and the character. Well, Andrew, you might look younger than your age – but not half of it!

On the other hand, when Tom Holland appeared in the movie Spiderman: Homecoming as a high schooler, everybody got excited as he looked like he was born to be there! The young, buoyant, and refreshing energy he gave to the legendary Spidey with his charming looks made all of the fans crazy. He was around 20 at that time, and portraying a character who is five years younger than you is a yea!

This Spiderman was seen managing his personal and school life quite professionally – and being Spiderman with all of it might be a hectic task. Still, Tom Holland, aka the real high-school-going-Spiderman, did it like a pro. Despite being clumsy and confused, Peter Parker knows, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ So, he has to do what should be done while the other Avengers save the world from much bigger enemies.

Spidey In Action:

Speaking of action and calling Andrew’s Spiderman, the King of it would be the most right thing. Not just with his powers, this Spiderman also entertained us with his unmatchable wit and goofy dialogues. He seems like he can fight with anyone and anytime with the bending and twisting abilities and various ways.

This Peter Parker kept all of us engaged with the correct timings and amazing abilities to dodge and capture anyone in his web. Credits go to Marc Webb for his preciseness and extra focus on the detailing of this Spiderman and finally giving us what we always wanted – a Spiderman straight out of comics!

When it comes to Tom Holland, he looks like a beginner trying to get hold of everything. He is like a baby learning to walk and gradually becoming an adult. And that’s why he was not seen fighting or kicking some asses like the Andrew Garfield one. The inner action lover of everyone stays unsatisfied while watching Tom Holland in action – he doesn’t know it yet.

Although, he was spotted twirling and contorting by taking full advantage of his small size. But yeah, the desire to be entertained with some excellent action scenes stayed unfulfilled. Tom needs to progress in this department, and that too real fast!

Love Is In The Air… For Spidey Too!

Spiderman has always been a softie at heart, and for the girl who he loves – you can imagine. Andrew Garfield and his love interest Emma Stone both depicted such great chemistry that it felt like whatever is going on between them is real. We also saw how the cutie Peter turned into a creepy stalker (obviously, out of love – duh) when things got messy between them.

The feelings that Andrew showed in the death scene of Gwen Stacy proved how great of an actor Andrew is and how hard Peter loved her. Peter lost her in the fight against The Green Goblin, which impacted him real-high.

Tom’s Spidey was just the same, but he deserves some extra appreciation for managing his love and superhero life quite well. Despite facing many things, he stayed consisted of winning the far more independent and less romantic girl than Andrew’s Stacy. The real teenage love with the right amount of awkwardness seemed more appropriate when it came to Tom and Zendaya.

So, who is your winner? Well, it doesn’t matter as this is a win-win situation for Spiderman! You can even show some love to the Spidey by going for his gaming costume instead of the Fallout 76 Jacket for the upcoming costume party and stand out from the rest of the Spiderman-s.

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