5 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most different and excellent islands we’ve ever visited, so this will be a really considerable rundown of must-visit places and top attractions.

Likewise, this rundown just incorporates places we have by and by visiting. In this scholarly article, we share a few considerations about those spots and a couple of movement tips.

What is the best thing about this by and by made rundown?

On the off chance that you have ten days to about fourteen days, you will have the option to visit them all!


By far most of Mauritius is circled by a coral reef, and the quiet waters are ideal for swimming and swimming.

Said that the south coast is the specific inverse.

With a missing defensive obstruction that shields the shores of this tropical island, the south coast is left fully open to a furious intensity of the Indian Ocean.

Gris post offers a sensational waterfront see, dazzling brilliant sand seashore, solid breezes, and epic waves. You can stroll along the seashore to La Roche Qui Pleure assumed name the Weeping Rock, which has a human head shape, and when hit by a major wave it would seem that it’s sobbing.

Swimming isn’t permitted at Gris as the conditions are risky, however, you will have numerous chances to swim somewhere else.

To investigate the South Coast all the more completely, read our guide South Mauritius Road Trip Itinerary: Must-Visit Places.


Despite the fact that Gris is much more celebrated (and available), we appreciated the visit to Le Souffleur considerably more. Its dark precipices over the surf of the Indian Ocean are unquestionably a unique spot to visit.

Viewing the gigantic roaring waves colliding with the cliffside is a truly fabulous encounter that speaks to the wild South at its full greatness.

Le Souffleur is one of those spots where a few guests spend just a brief timeframe before embarking to another point, however for other people, this is where they could remain for eternity.

For us, it was the last mentioned.

Do you actually need a more crude nature? Drive somewhat north to Pont Naturel, which is another unbelievable spot on the south coast.


A staggering course set in the lavish timberlands in the west of Mauritius, Tamarin Falls is simply one more spot on the rundown that you without a doubt should visit.

The territory offers a standout amongst other half-day climbs in Mauritius, and the path along the cascades is really epic.

As such, Tamarin Falls, otherwise called 7 Cascades, is an ideal spot to visit for bold and outdoorsy voyagers who need to remain dynamic and have a good time.

Also, with exercises, for example, climbing, swimming, canyoning, precipice bouncing, or fledgling watching, everybody will make the most of their time completely.

The trailhead begins in a little town called Henrietta around a 30 minutes drive from Flic en Flac.

You can climb along the cascades freely, recruit a nearby guide at the spot, or book Tamarin Falls climb ahead of time.

Furthermore, a smidgen of guidance, leave your flip lemon in the lodging, and wear legitimate shoes here.


Top Malheureux, the northernmost purpose of Mauritius, is loaded with amazements, and Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel, otherwise called Red Church, is one of them.

With its striking red rooftop and white dividers forcefully diverging from the naval force blue shade of the Indian Ocean, this is an acclaimed fascination in Mauritius and a spot not to be missed.

In spite of the fact that there isn’t a lot to do, you should put this spot on your schedule, as this is extraordinary compared to other photograph spots in Mauritius.

The northernmost tip of the island is just a short drive from here, so take a rest and stretch your legs before you hit the street once more.


Perhaps the longest seashore in Mauritius, Flic en Flac Beach is sheltered to swim at, it is effectively available and unwind during the day. You will discover it in a similar name town on the West Coast of Mauritius.

The seashore becomes busy on occasion (particularly on the ends of the week when local people show up), however, it’s exceptionally long (a few kilometers in length), so you generally get an opportunity to walk somewhat easily away from the bustling parts.

Despite the fact that inns and resorts line the seashore (in what has become an extremely touristy objective), the seashore is public and open, which implies that you can walk the entire stretch from the town toward the southernmost tip.

Remaining the entire time in the west permitted us to encounter one of the most extraordinary dusks we’ve ever observed.

Each night we went out on the seashore to appreciate the tremendous show that Mother Nature puts on over the Indian Ocean each and every day.

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